Road Kings 60th Anniversary

The Road Kings of Burbank is the oldest rodding and racing car club in Southern California. In Sept. 2012 the club celebrated 60 years of racing and rodding memory at the National Hot Rod Assoc. Museum in Pomona, which houses several member's race cars. More than 100 members and guests wandered the famous museum, while trying their luck at a walking poker run, watching a one-of-a-kind slide show presentation ( only this club could assemble it ) and reminiscing about the "good old days". After a BBQ feast served by Robbie Robertson, a retired drag racer, a panel assembled to share, answer questions and just relive their happy younger times. Bob Muravez, Jimmy Miles, Don " The Beachcomber"  Johnson, Don Gaide ( Sour Sisters ), Tom Jandt , TV Tommy Ivo, Robbie Robertson and Ed Iskenderian among others brought back why the club has lasted for sixty years. Event chairman, Karl Grossman and his great staff were examples of the camaraderie of the club.

Rochelle Sfetku